The Creation the earth is a witness sda video

The Creation The Earth is a Witness – Henry Stober (filmmaker)

‘The Creation The Earth is a Witness’ – Henry Stober

Click here or image below to watch: ‘The Creation The Earth is a Witness

The Creation the earth is a witness sda film

The Creation the earth is a witness sda film

What a wonderful Creator and marvelous creation we have been given.  This movie shows the 7 days of creation and shares a piece of the incredible majesty and diversity of our existence.  We stand in awe of your beauty and power oh Lord.  We worship You and You alone!

To read more about “The Creation: The Earth is a Witness” video film by Henry Stober visit the websites below.

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“Watch “The Creation The Earth is a Witness,”

a day-by-day account of the biblical creation week, beginning with darkness before God created light and ending with Moses, the author of the Genesis account of creation, and his son, worshipping God on the seventh-day Sabbath. Seventh-day Adventist filmmaker Henry Stober spent four years filming the movie around the world.” (Adventist Vimeo Page)

Have you taken the time recently to reflect on the story in Genesis?  Have you thought of the grandeur and diversity of the life on our planet?  What wondrous love God has shown us; to be made in His image.  Wow.

The Adventist Review wrote:

“The Creation The Earth Is a Witness,” a 27-minute high-definition video featuring footage from the Hubble Space Telescope, the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Agency, and the European Space Agency, made a formal debut at the 2013 Annual Council of Seventh-day Adventist church leaders on October 15. A Seventh-day Adventist from Germany, Henry Stober, produced the project, which already has been viewed by more than 70,000 people in nine countries.”

This video will inspire you and your imagination.  Share ‘The Creation the Earth is a Witness’ with someone else.

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